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Best Invention Award

Recieved for Demodex hair mites solution

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UNGEX – achieved MALAYSIA TECHNOLOGY EXPO 2012 – Best Invention & Innovation Award 2012 -17 February 2012, Putra World Trade Centre FOREIGN SPECIAL AWARD

The largest technological exhibition in the Malaysia. The expo showcase to, share, collaborate and introduce your ideas, prototype products, concepts and designs direct to targeted trade visitors. The exhibits consist of the latest technologies in the agricultural, information, environmental, healthcare and life science sectors. It is the perfect meeting point for investors to meet with the inventors, researchers, innovators and scientists; with the aim of furthering collaboration and commercialisation.

Malaysia Technology Expo is the leading invention & innovation event in the region. To encourage the creative industry, the Malaysia International Design & Expo Award is now part of the event in addition to the coveted Invention & Innovation Awards

UNGEX Pty Ltd and UNIVERSAL GREEN EXPERTS Sdn Bhd (both known as UNGEX) are revolutionary companies that endeavour to help change the way that people think about personal care.UNGEX has developed a wide range of innovative products, all aimed at preventing and helping to eliminate Demodex mites. UNGEX Pty Ltd (Australian HQ) is a sister company to Universal Green Experts Sdn Bhd (Malaysian HQ). UNGEX agents and sub-agents in Malaysia and Singapore, sell the Malaysian-made products as well as our latest Australian-made products which has recently launched and available for online purchase.

UNGEX has developed a wide range of revolutionary products that combine specialised techniques with our in-home care system. Our products are natural and herbal based solutions, all aimed at helping to eliminate mites, and further restoring your scalp, hair and skin’s natural beauty. Our goal is to help ensure a safe, effective way of helping those who suffer from Demodex mites.

Demodex hair mites solution

UNGEX is a unique business which specialises in helping to treat Demodex hair mites with their Demodex hair mites solution, for hair and skin on people who are suffering due to microscopic parasites called Demodex mites. Around 65 species of Demodex are known. Two species living on humans have been identified: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, both frequently referred to as hair mites, face mites, skin mites, body mites, eyelash mites, eyebrow mites, ear mites, human mites or hair follicle mites.
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