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What do Demodex hair mites look like?

Posted on March 23, 2016
What do Demodex hair mites look like? What Do Demodex Hair Mites Look Like you ask? Well, because they are invisible to the eye, unless aided by a microscope many people are curious what is actually going on with hair mites and how they look. The adult Demodex mites usually are around 0.3 mm in length. They have semi-transparent elongated bodies with 8 short segmented legs. Hair mites have pin-like mouth-parts for eating skin cells, hormones and oils. They crawl! They move by crawling about in darkness. Many people who have mites complain of itching or a ‘crawling’ feeling they get

Demodex Mites Treatment

Posted on December 18, 2015
Demodex Mites Treatment Throughout your Demodex Mites Treatment related research, you may have heard Ungex refer to our products as a ‘pre-treatment’ or ‘pre-condition’ to hair care and skin care. Today, we are going to explore this notion a bit deeper and explore the holistic approach we take to providing the first and fundamental step to hair and skin health. Demodex hair mites cause problems when their population density soar out of control. They not only consume the natural nutrients your body creates, but also consume the cosmetic products you add to your skin that are often designed to help

Demodex Hair Mite Infestation Humans

Posted on December 10, 2015
So, what’s it all about? Lets start by saying that, having a few Demodex mites present on your person doesn’t necessarily sentence you to a life full of unexplained itching, hair loss, acne or any of the symptoms they cause per say. However a few mites can multiply very quickly and lead to Demodex Hair Mite Infestation Humans!  What does ‘high population density’ actually mean? High population density means exactly that: the mites have reproduced at an increased rate that the resources their hosts (that’s you!) provide such as food and shelter become strained to provide for these little parasites