How Do You Know If You Have Demodex Mites?

Most people have mites, but may not know about it. The population density is the difference is everyone’s body reacts differently which can result in a wide variety of symptoms.

Ungex, an Australian company that is leading the way in the holistic approach to mite elimination has formulated this unique online test to help determine if Demodex mites are playing a role in the health of your skin.


When even starting to consider that skin or hair issues can be related to a microscopic mite that you have never heard of can seem crazy! Even many health professionals have not heard of them or realise the impact, let alone have the right knowledge and tools how to help eliminate them. But a recent 2014 study found that most adults over the age of 18 have some Demodex mites present on them- so it’s not a big leap to make that they can be playing a negative role in the health of your skin.

Like anything, in a small number they may not cause noticeable harm, however in large numbers, what we call a high population density of Demodex mites means that your body simply has too many parasites to house without your body showing signs or symptoms of their habitation.

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