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Help Treat Demodex Hair Mites

Ungex Products Help Treat Demodex Hair Mites.


Don’t Pay For The Products, Pay For The Results.


 Help Treat Demodex Hair Mites


Care Plan That Helps Treat Demodex Hair Mites.



Mites Solution, Right Solution!


Why Ungex products?

The Ungex range of products are of the highest quality ingredients, and we work hard to perfect them to be both gentle and effective, without all the nasty additives a lot of other conventional products use today. Those suffering mite infestation are often troubled by hair and skin issues; our mission is to help reduce these problems with zero side effects and a formula gentle enough for everyday use.

Because Demodex hair mites live under the skin for the majority of their lives, getting rid of them can be a lengthy, but necessary process. Ungex’s Mites Solution products work hard to help eliminate Demodex mites with a result we can back. 

Ungex products work together to combat the infestation of Demodex hair, skin face and body mites, as well as a host of other benefits such as helping control oil production, helping to promote hair growth, as well as helping to prevent further infestation.

 Our products are natural and herbal based solutions, all aimed at helping to eliminate mites, and further restoring your scalp, hair and skin’s natural beauty. Our goal is to help ensure a safe, effective way of helping those who suffer from Demodex mites.


Resent research has indicated that the majority of the world’s population harbour Demodex mites. So if you find yourself showing symptoms associated with infestation (click to read more here) it is very likely that you have a high population density of mites!

 UNGEX aims to eliminate mites with its innovative Care Plan and by providing the best products to treat Demodex hair mites. The Care Plan is a combination of UNGEX products used in conjunction with the correct method. 

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