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‘Grow Your Business with Ungex Mites Solution’



Ungex presents a unique business opportunity that will show you how to boost your business and grow your profit with their revolutionary technology, accompanied with some revealing facts about a leading contributor to hair loss and skin problems that is a must-hear for anyone in the industry.

Ungex will be showcasing their innovative solution that is revolutionising how we think of hair and skin care, as well as presenting the exclusive chance to become a part of this incredibly profitable new industry.


 grow your business





Date: Sunday 26th July 2015

Time: 6:45PM Onward

Where: The Manningham Hotel (Pavilion Room) – 1 Thompsons Rd, Bulleen, VIC 3105.

Benefits of attending: Learn about the revolutionary invention that will completely

transform the Personal Care Industry and find out how you can generate better business.


  • Free entry for all people in the Beauty Industry and business owners. Just provide your business card at the entrance.

  • VIP entry: To book and secure your attendance Price: $100.00. (Redeemable in double credit and/or refundable at the end of Seminar with $110 cashback as a Thank You Gift from Ungex)

The first 50 VIP attendees will also receive over $500.00 complementary Ungex Gifts as well as the complementary $200.00 *Redeemable Vouchers for all VIP attendees.


 Join us there! 


grow your business


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UNGEX is a unique business which specialises in helping to treat Demodex hair mites for hair and skin on people who are suffering due to microscopic parasites called Demodex mites. Around 65 species of Demodex are known. Two species living on humans have been identified: Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis, both frequently referred to as hair mites, face mites, skin mites, body mites, eyelash mites, eyebrow mites, ear mites, human mites or hair follicle mites.
1510, 530 Little Collins St.
Melbourne, VIC
Phone: 1800 238 528