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Why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex populations in humans?

Tea Tree | Ungex

One of our most popular blog post’s in 2017 was ‘Why Tea Tree Oil won’t kill Demodex populations in humans.’ and consistently get asked this question from those seeking out their own research on Demdeox overpopulations. This post is a deep-dive into this topic. Before we dive into this issue let’s take a brief look […]

Ungex Care plan

care plan | Ungex

This section explores the key themes that are central to care planning within the Ungex® framework: following the steps, and keeping in touch with the team support. This will lead to full and quicker treatment. Ungex® aims to eliminate mites through its innovative Care Plan and providing ultimate solutions for Demodex hair mites treatment. The […]

How To Treat Demodex Mites In Humans

Often, one of the first questions we get asked is, are Demodex mites contagious in humans? In short, yes they are. They are transferred through either physical contact or the sharing of personal care items such as hairbrushes, bedding, towels, etc. so it’s very common for people who live together to share these uninvited guests.